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Be That Woman

I watched a DVD tonight, “When Calls The Heart”. It was sort of a Hallmark-type-schmaltzy movie, but it left me with a challenge that I would like to call out to many married woman.

There were parallel stories of two strong young men, strong like every man was created to be. They cared for these two  spunky, spirited young women and smiled upon them.

It was sweet and romantic, but it was more than just that.

I thought of the many women I have talked with over the years who wished that their husbands were strong, who yearned for their men to smile over them.

What had happened?

Their stories were of course each very different and yet there was often a similar shadow. Over the years these women had unintentionally covered their husbands with sighs and comparisons and complaints and these men went into hiding, and their manhood went into hiding as well. But I ask these women, if you were out of the picture and your man met a woman who smiled at him, who accepted his weaknesses and affirmed his strengths, knowing that he would die for her. If she communicated that to him, would this man rise to become strong again? In a New York minute.

Do I over simplify? Will there be women who say, “It’s not that simple”. Yes, of course there will be, and they would possibly be right. In many cases it is not that simple. But in many cases it is, and it is to those fellow sisters that I call out this challenge.

Today make the decision to “Be that woman.” To be the woman whose husband’s heart will be all that he is intended to be, because he can trust his heart to you.

The heart of her husband trusts in her and he lacks nothing that is good. She does him good and not harm all the days of her life.”   Proverbs 31:11,12

All that being said and true, many women find they struggle in bringing “good” to their husbands. May I offer that this is often because they do not know how much “good” they have received from their God. The truth is that we cannot give what we      do not have. I invite and encourage to go before God and ask Him to reveal His love to you. Pray aloud Ephesians 3:16-20. Know that it is God’s very purpose for you that you know Him and in knowing Him you would know His love.

This is a hunger and need for us all. I was blessed to have a weekend retreat with a group of women a few years ago, we were in the Word and before the Lord asking Him to reveal Himself and His love to us. The teaching from that weekend is on a CD set called “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have” . If you are interested in this set or the companion single CD “Becoming  Your Husband’s Helpmate”, just contact familyministries.com

I am praying over each of you even now..”Father, dear Father, reveal to the hearts of my sisters how great and powerful is Your love….In Jesus’ wonderful Name, Amen “


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Dear friends, Many years ago a wise woman told me, “We control to the level of our fear. If you try to ‘stop controlling’ you are just left with fear…”  What she then ministered to me was that my real need was not to ‘stop be so controlling”, but to realize that I had no need to fear, and then as the level of my fear subsided, so would my need to control.

This simple sentence lead to an entire weekend retreat “Woman of God Controller or Servant?”  (the CD series of that weekend is available through our ministry www.familyministries.com). For years I have returned to the truth that the Lord brought out during that weekend.  Whenever I feel the need to get a situation or a person “under control” it is always based on fear, and that fear is always based on lies, primal lies from the Lord’s Enemy, our Enemy. The lies sound like this: “God is not good. God is not for you. God is not to be trusted. You must take matters into your own hands. You must take care of yourself”.

If we are not, “alert” and ”aware of the schemes of the devil” as the scripture warns us to be, these lies will permeate our thoughts and our life’s circumstances will compound them. Our minds need to be renewed daily by the Holy Spirit, we need revelation daily. The Holy Spirit welcomes us in our time of need to “come boldly to the throne of grace”… and what is our greatest need?  To see Jesus, to be renewed by His presence and His love, to hear His voice and to have our hearts once again, “convinced of things unseen”.

I read this morning my online devotion with “Ransomed Hearts Ministry””:

You must understand: the Evil One hates God, hates anything that reminds him of the glory of God . . . wherever it exists. Unable to overthrow the Mighty One, he turned his sights on those who bore his image. Satan came into the Garden and whispered to Adam and Eve—and in them, to all of us—”You cannot trust the heart of God . . . he’s holding out on you . . . you’ve got to take matters under your control.”  He sowed the seed of mistrust in our hearts; he tempted us to seize control. It’s the same lie he is using in your life today, by the way: “Trusting God is way too risky. You’re far too vulnerable. Rewrite the Story. Give yourself a better part. Arrange for your own happiness. Disregard him.

As you read this I am praying that the strongholds in your lives, the lies planted perhaps years ago, would be revealed and destroyed in the name of Jesus. We have been sought after at a great price, the profound sacrifice of the life of God Himself. We are loved by a love that is so powerful it can demolish fear. I am praying Philippians 4:7 over you, that “the peace of God which surpasses all understanding” (that is, how things ‘appear’ to us) will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”. I pray that you walk today, head held high, rejoicing in the Love of your Father.

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Nuggets of Gold

Psalm 94:19  “When my anxious thought multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul.” 

1 Peter 5:7  “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”

I had set apart some time to be with the Lord, but my mind kept wandering. Can you relate? Of course you can.

I was frustrated at these intruders; unwelcome, uninvited, yet I felt powerless at their persistence.

Things that had to be done, and  concerns as to how I would accomplish them all. Relationships that were broken, and wondering if there was something, anything  else I could do.So many needs of my loved ones. Were they mine to attend to, or was I trying to “fix things” again? I watched the clock tick away…

“I just wanted to be with You Lord. Please stop these things from crowding out my time with You!”

He spoke to my heart, “Don’t try to push them down, bring them to My love, lay them all out right here.”

But these were not the things I wanted to give to Him, I wanted to come before Him with praise and thanks and wonder and love.

I think I felt almost embarrassed. Really, this was all I had to offer Him?     But there they were, anxious thoughts, growing as I sat there.

And so I began to pull them from their shadowy places and bring them before Him, one at a time. You will never guess what happened.

I saw that each concern, as I brought them to His hands, would turn into a shiny piece of gold. No kidding. One after another, each weight, each concern, as I handed them to Him, turned to gold. I felt His joy.

“Is that all dear one? Is there nothing else? Bring Me more.”

Gold upon gold kept piling up. I seriously came to  a point where I couldn’t find one more worried thought.And there He was, smiling, arms open, wanting more. Wanting more of whatever was on my heart.

Jesus did not shake His head at my anxious thoughts. They were welcomed, gathered in His love, and turned to gold.

Ahhhh, our time with Him is not to be a performance. Not a “get the house picked up before the company comes”.

He just wants you and He wants me, every part of our worried broken hearts, day after day after day, He  says “Come”.

Why does His love still surprise me?

Epshesians 3: 17-20

Oh dear Spirit of God, Give us the revelation of your love.

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