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You remember the story, two guys who had someone they loved, someone who was paralyzed. They knew they could not help him, they knew he needed a miracle; they knew he needed Jesus. So they picked him up, put him on a stretcher, (who knows how long and far they carried him),  boldly tore apart a roof, and laid him before the Lord of Love. We’re not even sure if this man wanted to go, ever think of that? This is important. We have people we love who are paralyzed. Paralyzed with fear, with addictions, with lies about who they really are, lies about Who their God really is. So we pick them up and carry them before the One Who can say, “your sins are forgiven you, rise up and walk.” A few weeks ago I got the call that my Dad had been found in a pool of blood and was being taken to hospital. Cancer was ravaging his body. I got a flight that night and stayed with him in ICU for days. Since I was 9 years old I have been praying for my Dad, praying that he would know the love of God, praying that whatever was keeping him from turning to the One Who loved him would be broken through. And here I was again. As I turned to leave Dad’s room one night, I went back to kiss him goodnight. He was sleeping and I began to pray. The Lord showed me the picture of those friends, lowering someone they loved to Jesus. It is possible that they may not have been able to see or hear happed after that, they just knew he was before this wonderful One, and that was enough. The Lord showed me that this was what I was doing, laying my Dad before Him. Something years ago had paralyzed Dad; fear, anger, doubt, confusion…I don’t know, but it had kept him from going to the Lord. So I would carry him. Then I sensed the Lord telling me to follow those friend example and “let go of the ropes”. My Dad passed away two weeks later. I am flooded by so many emotions. But I wanted to I share this with you, my friends, who may be on a similar journey, praying for your loved ones, carrying them for miles, for years….“Do not lose heart in well doing”. But know and rest in the truth that the Lord has them, and that He loves them more than you or I could imagine, and that He has a conversation going on with them that we might not, nor may ever hear. It is for us to carry them to Him and to let go of the ropes. God will help us.


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