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Dear friends,

There are few things more despairing in this life than to believe than we are alone in our difficulties, and nothing that can give us more strength than to know that we are not. In his book “Moving Mountains” John Eldredge yet again turned my eyes to Jesus:

 “These passages intrigue me deeply. It is a source of enormous comfort to know that Jesus is interceding for me. (Did you know that Jesus prays for you?!) But to be honest, it is also a little sobering to know that I am living in a story where Jesus needs to pray for me! Wouldn’t you love to know what Jesus is praying over your life right now?” 

“Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus Who died—

more than that, Who was raised to life—

Who is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.” Romans 8:34

 “Because Jesus lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood. 

Therefore He is able to save completely those who come to God through Him, 

because He always lives to intercede for them”. Hebrews 7:24–25 

 Oh my sisters, who would you call if you needed prayer, I mean REALLY needed prayer.       Who do you know that when they come before the Father they have faith to believe they are heard, and they are confident in His love for you? 

I pray for us all right now that we can believe the truth that Jesus Himself brings our lives before our Heavenly Father, and that He knows how to intercede for us in a way that will bring about God’s highest. It is true. 

Do you need prayer today?

“He always lives to intercede for them…”



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Dear friends

As I read this excerpt this morning from the book “Moving Mountains” by John Eldredge, I thought of you all.

I hope this encourages your heart today….Oh, who knew that prayer was not about our striving to “say it right” or “say it long enough”?

Prayer, yet again, as with so much of our revelation lately, is about the Father desiring us, and desiring to reveal His heart to us and His heart regarding those we bring to Him in prayer.

As we explore the many beautiful and intimate ways Jesus comes to heal our inner being, keep in mind that whatever the damage may be, in any realm of your inner being, the essence of healing prayer is always to facilitate the presence of Jesus into the specific places of damage. Whatever else might be involved, it always begins with, “Jesus, come into this and heal.”

Oswald Chambers, a man who wrote profoundly and elegantly on prayer, made a radical statement when he said, “The idea of prayer is not in order to get answers from God.”

Good heavens—it’s not? What then is the purpose?

“Prayer is perfect and complete oneness with God.”

A mighty truth is being uncovered here. Oneness with God is the goal of our existence. It’s not merely to believe in God, although that is better than not believing in him. It is not merely to trust in God, though that is far better than simply believing in God. It is not even to worship God, which is higher still.

 The destiny of the human soul is union with God. The same oneness that Jesus talked about with his Father is our destiny as well. That’s what we were made for. Prayer is one of his primary means of doing it, drawing us to himself, getting us to pour out our hearts before him so that we can receive his heart toward us.

Isn’t He lovely!

All my affection,


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He is at work

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out,

till He has brought justice through to victory.”  Matthew 12:20

 “Encourage the exhausted, and strengthen the feeble.
Say to those with anxious heart,
’Take courage, fear not.’ ”   
Isaiah 35:3

My dear friends,

There are times that I have felt my heart “bruised” and the fire inside of me “smoldering”.

I have felt exhausted and anxious and fearful. Last night was such a time.

My thinking had shifted into anxiety regarding my adult children; my mind was filled with the incessant, “What can I do?  There must be something I can do.”

I sensed the Lord waking me this morning and calling me to be with Him. With tender mercy He spoke compassion to my heart and correction to my mind as He reminded me of a scripture, John 5:17, that has become alive to me lately. 

“Jesus said to them,‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.’ “

“To this very day”

The familiar burden that seems to return to me with the tenacity of the swallows at

San Juan Capistrano, was once again lifted because… He is at work.

I encourage you, if you have such a burden, to join me in bringing it to Jesus.

To Jesus, Who has been at work regarding your heart’s concern before you even asked.

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”   Hebrews 4:16 

“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.”  Ps. 94:19

Oh friends, Jesus is so wonderfully patient with us,

He “knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust”.  Psalm 103:14

 With much affection,


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Joy in Suffering

My dear friends,

I was reading in an old favorite book today, “Overcomers”, by Richard Wurmbrand.

If you are not familiar with Richard Wurmbrand, he pastored an underground church during the Nazi and then the Communist invasion of Romania.                                                   He was imprisoned for 14 years. His biography, “Tortured For Christ” is a must read.                The love from Jesus that he walked in transformed many lives. I read this passage today:

“Can we become masters of a joy that persists even in the midst of terrible suffering?”

After reading this today I wrote the following letter to a young wife I know, she is weary and suffering in a difficult marriage.

“I felt the Lord talking to me today about you.

To encourage you to be calm. To be noble. To do everything in love.

He is guiding you to a life of great joy in the midst of  your sufferings.

Hold this close to your heart.

He knows of loving when love is not retuned.

He will guide you my dear…to love.

There is nothing higher”


My friends,

I pray for us, that as we walk through our days we will see clearly that our lives were created for one purpose, and that is to know our God, to truly know Him and to know His love; that we may thus be compelled to live out lives of love,love for Him and for others.

Any other pursuit or vision or agenda will lead us to wandering.

I have all confidence and great thankfulness that the  Holy Spirit of Jesus will lead us in this, He is such a good Shepherd.

With much affection,                                                                                                                                     Beverly

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